Woken Leader Podcast – Episode 2

Chakra System Smartass: A Map to Your Soul and Direct path to Your Brightest Light and Darkest Abysm. This is part 2 of our Energy Mastery conversation. You must ingrate working with your chakras as part of your awakening, self-discovery and healing process. It’s your natural alarm system revealing reveals what needs immediate attention and the most accurate GPS to the solutions of all your problems.

Episode Bookmarks

  • Meet Your New Pal “Chakra System Need to Know” 03:30
  • What in the world is a Chakra?  05:30
  • The Truth About Chakras 07:10
  • When Shit Hits the Fan 14:20
  • Crawling Out of Your Ass-bysm 17:20
  • How Love Flows 18:50
  • Your Business’ Chakra Game 20:10