Business Incubator and Success Focus Group

PROGRAM FOCUS: Business Mastery, Business Planning and Development, Growth Hacking, Holistic Business Strategies, Entrepreneurial Growth, C-Class Executive Coaching, Leadership and Profitability.

Launch, Grow, Thrive and Stay in Business

I love, love, and absolutely LOVE helping a business owner expand their vision on all the ways they could achieve balance, strengthen their business foundation and generating more revenues. But that’s just the beginning, because then we have to also make sure we narrow down the strategies that fit them best and are the fastest, most direct paths to greater income and taking their business in the direction they want.

In my years as an entrepreneur mentor and CFO consultant, I’ve worked with business owners of all levels too, from solepreneurs running their first kitchen-table startup to professional practices and established CEO’s of large enterprises… and there’s one thing they all have in common… we are all so invested inside our businesses and projects, that we need an outside perspective to truly see ALL what’s possible.

This tunnel vision is everywhere, and smart, successful people know it’s unavoidable. It’s why most companies and organizations have a board of directors or advisors, why actors have directors, why athletes have coaches, and why entrepreneurs hire mentors or join mastermind like this one.

A woken peer is an inspiring, authentic and evolving expert, brand or organization who/that is establishing support, influence, social impact and legacy with theirs products, messages, content, promotions and services. And she/he is invested into building and running her/his business practice with a mindful, ethical, socially conscious, spiritual, green, sustainable, heart-centered or intuitive approach. Mindful and awaken, and fully aware of the consequences and impact of his actions, words, services and products. 

Business Incubator & Success Focus Group

This business incubator aims to gently introduce you mindfulness, self-development, worth, positioning and legacy as intricate parts of your professional evolution.

You will master the art of doing business or pursuing your career in true alignment with your purpose and authentic nature, regardless of which industry you serve:

  • Planning and Execution
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Attracting and Keeping Clients
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finances
  • Sustainability

Woken Peers participation will greatly benefit founders, creatives, ceos, self-employed, small business owners, community leaders, holistic practitioners, holistic doctors, healers, coaches, visionaries, innovators, progressive entrepreneurs, heart-driven professionals and kindred catalysts of change who are serious about their purpose, their influence and how to make a difference in our world. It’s ideal for anyone and everyone who want to make a living doing what they love, but need expert guidance on how to make safe, smart and logic strategies for growing and scaling profit.

This program supports and encourage startups, small and growing businesses who can benefit from structure, best practices, focus and strategy. Along with mindset shifts, personal encouragement and validation, each week we’ll navigate all aspects of business development covering leadership guidelines, business conception, planning and execution, foundation structure, branding, offline and online marketing and customer building techniques, sales funnels and upsales, finances, positioning and how to make entrepreneurship work for you.

Weekly Focus

  1. The Power of Influence: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  2. Problems vs. Solutions
  3. Beyond SWOT
  4. Operations: The Who, What, How and Why
  5. Milestones and Metrics
  6. Management Plan and Strategic Partnerships
  7. Competitor Analysis
  8. Branding: Your Offerings and USP (4 Intensives: Identity, Purpose, Advocacy and Engagement)
  9. Building Your Portfolio: Products and Services
  10. Positioning and Pricing
  11. Target Market and Prospecting
  12. Distribution Strategies: Offline vs. Online
  13. Lead Generation and List Building Techniques
  14. Websites/Blogs Essentials
  15. eMail Marketing Top 10
  16. Online Marketing – Content Marketing
  17. Online Marketing – Social Audit
  18. Online Marketing – Social Media Strategies (6 Intensives: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+)
  19. Online Marketing – Paid Advertising (3 Intensives: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords/Adsense and Re-targeting)
  20. Online Marketing – Metrics and Conversion
  21. Sales & Finance – Sales & Upsale Pricing Techniques
  22. Sales & Finance – Projections and Forecasts
  23. Sales & Finance – Developing and Sustaining Income Streams
  24. Sales & Finance – Financials and Bookkeeping Essentials
  25. Your Executive Summary

Membership: Business Development Incubator program runs for 24 weeks (6 months) and membership is $149 per month –not per session. Your monthly membership includes 4 group mastermind sessions and one 1-on-1 private coaching session per month.


  • You are not serious about personal and professional development. This is a focused business development lab for those who care to progress.
  • You are not coachable, hesitant about positive mindset changes and you think you have everything figured out.
  • You are afraid of success and can’t handle manifesting more money in your life.
  • You don’t like smart strategies and growth hacks.
  • You are not available to join weekly mastermind. In person participation is required!
  • You can’t afford membership or you do not believe you or your business are worth investing time or money.
  • You are not comfortable in a small group setting.