Woken Leader Mastermind

PROGRAM FOCUS: Self-Realization, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Success, Business Development and Mindful Leadership

Woken Leader Mastermind is a (member-only) mindfulness and success focused leadership and entrepreneurship development community of like-minded self-empowerment enthusiasts who are passionate about self-improvement and deeply committed to their success and living+working at the highest standard of excellence.

Membership features weekly self-paced or coach guided coaching sessions focused on self-realization and purpose alignment guiding you into your very own and unique evolutionary map to self-mastery and profitable conscious business development.

Program’s curriculum navigates all levels of commitment and dedication to self, from self-care, inner & outer balance, planning and executing goals, to embracing personal and professional breakthroughs and achieving meaningful life-changing milestones. In addition to the pursuit of self-mastery and setting the tone and intention for a powerful transformational journey you will learn business development strategies and leadership essentials that will help you elevate your mission, define your purpose, clarify your message, acknowledge your worth, welcome wealth & build your legacy.

Nothing is left to chance and everything is covered, from conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, branding, online and offline marketing, customer building techniques, active and passive income streams and how to make entrepreneurship work for you.

Woken Leader Mastermind is the ultimate will guide you on how to create, grow and sustain your authentic holistic/mindful business practice in complete alignment with who you truly area and who you are meant to be.

By the end of your program you will have an authentic and powerful mindful action plan (m.a.p) or Evolutionary Blueprint™, consisting of personal manifesto, business plan, marketing plan, sales plan and financial plan ready for immediate action and integration. Ideal to attract partnerships, investors and funding. Evolutionary Blueprint™ aim to become a unique tool to help follow your progress, expand your vision, maximize your reach and narrowing down strategies and direct paths to smart work and greater income.

  • Program length 24 weeks – 2 sessions per week (access links and materials delivered to your inbox every Tue and Thu)
  • Program enrollment options: Self-paced or Coach Guided
  • Coach guided level includes one intimate, private and confidential 1-on-1 program integration coaching session every 3-weeks.  (8 individual coaching sessions in total)
  • Membership Billing: Flexible month-to-month / no contract.
  • Cancellation Policy: We honor your freewill and allow you to quit your dreams, give up on yourself and cancel anytime, but we highly recommend and encourage you to complete entire program to see results and receive your program blueprint and final integration session. Upon cancellation any and all processed membership dues are 100% non-refundable, no exceptions.