HolisticCEO is an (online and live) incubator, mastermind and support group for holistic and heart-center professionals. Weekly sessions, monthly calls and quarterly gatherings will inspire and guide you on how to CREATE, GROW AND STRENGTHEN your holistic business practice.

Learn business strategies, leadership essentials, online & offline marketing techniques and sales skills that will help you elevate your mission and step forward & upward by defining your purpose, worth, wealth & legacy.

Our intention is to encourage you to build and sustain a business and lifestyle that’s in complete alignment with who you are. Imagine having someone totally on your side encouraging your motivation, inspiration and transformation. Someone who sees your potential and holds a vision for who you want to be, while completely accepting and seeing you for how amazing you already are. Well…that’s me, your coach! I am here to support you.

Along with personal encouragement and validation, each week we’ll navigate all aspects of business development covering conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, branding, marketing and customer building techniques, understanding the intrinsic principles of holistic entrepreneurship and how to make it work for you.

New membership includes a free no-string attached, private and confidential introductory phone consultation, where we talk about your business, our services and upcoming events and how you can maximize your membership benefits. I’ll do my best to guide you on what’s available and relevant to you and the growth of your holistic practice.

Also includes:

  • Weekly eMail Support
  • HOLISTIC GLOBE Magazine Subscription
  • HOLISTIC GLOBE (Practitioner or Business) Directory Listing
  • 25% OFF (Life & Business) Coaching Programs, Live Events Admissions and Retreats.

Membership Options

  • $25 p/Month — Incubator Weekly
  • $75 p/Month — Incubator Weekly + Monthly Group Call
  • $95 p/Month — Incubator Weekly + One on One Monthly Call