Holistic Business Launchpad: Bootcamp & Mastermind

Our Holistic Business Launchpad is an empowering gathering and educational experience facilitated by our CEO/ Founder & Evol.u.tionary Business Coach Maria Baez and her special guest experts. Powerful mastermind and mixer to elevate your professional business practice to the next level. Program delivers inspiration, in-depth insights and authentic techniques on how to create, strengthen and grow your holistic, health&wellness, green, spiritual, ethical and sustainable business and brands. 

Our bootcamp is an open invitation to step forward and  into self to define true mission, build solid foundations, embrace worth and potential, monetize resources, secure legacy and change the world.

Crafted from our evolutionary 3-module core curriculum, training navigates all aspects of business development covering conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, marketing and customer building techniques, understanding the intrinsic principles of holistic entrepreneurship and how to make it work for you.

Our intention is to inspire and encourage you to thrive by embracing leadership and creating a successful business and lifestyle that’s in complete alignment with who you are. We deliver a simple, fun and interactive eye-heart-and-mind opening program that will influence how you honor yourself and your holistic business.

You’ll never do business the same way again!

Special Focus Launchpad Training

  • HolisticCEO Business Fundamentals
  • HolisticMD Marketing Intensive
  • Yoga Commander Spiritual Leadership