Coaching Sessions

New members are welcomed with a free no-string attached, private and confidential introductory phone consultation, where we talk about your business, our services and upcoming events and how you can maximize your membership benefits. We guide you on what’s next, new and relevant to you, your business and the growth of your holistic practice.

Forward & Upward: Cultivating Your Greatest Potential

Journey Within (Self-Empowerment and Healing)

A time of enlightenment, spiritual pampering, energy clearing, chakra cleansing/balancing and re-connection to spirit and your higher self. Crafted to help you regain inner peace, balance and clarity, during this session we’ll dive into your path, past influence, present circumstances and immediate future and navigate life’s matters such as health, career, relationships and soul’s journey. Sessions may include spiritual channeling and messages from spirit, addressing lingering questions and validating answers you already know true to your heart. You’ll experience mental-spiritual-emotional and physical balance, healing, vibrant energy renewal and rekindled sense of self and re-gain control of your life’s purpose.

Inner Metrix (Discovery & Self-Assessment)

Open yourself to success and ignite fresh sparks of creativity, inspiration, productivity and a renewed sense of purpose. This is an Eye-Heart-and-Mind opening session to review and assess your path, purpose, business goals, milestones, realistic timelines, sales projections and successful strategies. This is an opportunity to refuel, open your path to flowing prosperity, count your blessings and grab the bull by the horns.

Expect an honest and compassionate (non-judgemental) expert assessment of your business and it’s growth potential.  We’ll go over your foundation, daily practices and what’s working or not for you and your business.  Identify your strengths and resolve your top 5 business related challenges or unanswered questions and decide for yourself the value of our mentoring

Turning Point (Coaching)

We go a step further your Inner Metrix right into an in-depth step by step throughout our Evolutionary Leadership Summit’s curriculum and how to apply every single module into your existing lifestyle and business practice. Put a first step forward and new prospective. As an added bonus to the invaluable business benefit, this coaching session provides the opportunity for you to manifest what you want in life and, in the process, gain self-awareness, expert insight and sharpened skills.

Open Masterpiece (Mentoring)

On-demand follow up, re-assess or re-kindled sessions for your Evol.u.tionary Blueprint. For those working on their own masterpiece, this work-in-progress sessions can re-vamp and invigorate your process with inspiration, grounding and assertiveness.

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