Evol.u.tionary 3-Module Core Curriculum

Module 1 – Authenticity /The Inner

This module will focus on self-discovery, exploring on who you are, your space in the universe, your mission and true calling, personal and professional identity, core business foundation and support system.

This is a very deep workshop, that will navigate all layers of your personal and professional foundation. We’ll chat about how to master your own skills and get your business house in order.

You will be inspired to redefine your career and business to match your soul purpose and to harness your best energy into your practice.

Module 2 – Resonance / The Outer

As you work on the inner, the outer will shift to match and resonate. Your heart and soul with create the best matches for your highest and best, affecting how you connect with yourself, your loved ones and your clients. Knowing who you are and your audience is the essential element in mastering the art of connection and self-distribution.

We’ll chat about creating and maintaining inner balance, how to protect your energy and your business, prospecting/finding your ideal client, client attraction and retention, how to build and grow your following, lead capture, online presence, social media mastery and marketing/public relations essentials, how to create connections, building reputation and influence others without selling your soul or losing your mind.

You will be inspired to get your “A” Game on, build your own people-magnet winning formula, eliminate deal-breakers, build strong bridges and touch as many lives as possible.

Module 3 – Continuity / Flow & The Big Picture

We’ll discuss what’s really involved in the art of keeping your entrepreneurial spirit and business alive. A self-sustained practice is directly defined by sales success, income flow and your flexibility to change and evolution.

You can’t stay in business if you don’t have clients or if your clients don’t come back.  So let’s talk about it and share the formula to honor the interaction of the inner and outer, your foundation and your relationship with money and success.  

You will be inspired to re-position yourself in alignment with worthiness, purpose, significance and innate prosperity.