Our Signature Coaching Program: Evol.u.tionary Blueprint™

The Evol.u.tionary Blueprint™ is the ultimate guide into transformation & breakthroughs for you and your business. Each blueprint is a unique and tailored self-mastery guideline to help manifest your vision, maximize your reach and grow your business by narrowing down strategies that create the most direct paths to smart work and greater money income. With a combination of gentle but firm support, honest feedback, strong action plan and efficient techniques, the Evol.u.tionary Blueprint™ maps the road of self-sustainable entrepreneurship for you.

Regardless if we are facing planning, expansion, transition, culmination or evolution in our careers and business projects, we do have the power and strength to make it work for us beyond our wildest dreams

Your business should be a sacred expression of your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose. Our mentoring program core foundation is based on our signature Evol.u.tionary Leadership curriculum’s 4 Pillars.

  • Authenticity
  • Resonance
  • Continuity
  • Mastery

Each coaching level runs for 12 weeks (3-Months each). Total program extends to 1-year. Active membership in our society is required, in order to be considered.

You register one level at a time. After completion of Authenticity, you will have your very own blueprint and understanding of your business and the foundation to navigate next levels on your own. Next stages are optional, but highly recommended if you are committed to growth and high standards and feel the need of expert guidance to further your skills.

You are NOT obligated to complete all stages, but Authenticity is required as foundation for other levels. You can’t skip stages.

  • Authenticity is the initial stage, focused on self-discovery, planning, core foundation, support system development and branding.
  • Resonance stage is focused on productivity, client attraction vs. retention and (online/offline) public relations and marketing strategies.
  • Continuity stage is focused on money-making, sales channels, pipeline flow and positioning.
  • And final stage Mastery is focus on market growth, strategic partnership and exit/transition/expansion channels.

It takes the strengths of self-mastery to understand and navigate thru energy flow, social impermanence and the inevitable changes of life. Changes will come into to our life and businesses and it’s our  positive attitude, open mind and heart, innovative creativity and readiness what will define our survival or fall.