Numa Gaia Foundation is a national 501c3 non-profit organization (based out of Santa Fe, NM) focused on life enrichment, spiritual empowerment and holistic business development for the betterment of human kind and our planet.

Our resources, special programs and national outreach efforts aim to cultivate our greatest human potential, empower mindful leadership and nurture healthy living choices.

Our Social Manifesto

  • Ignite lives! by opening doors, eyes-hearts-and-minds for meaningful calling and true sense of purpose.
  • Facilitate wellness resources and life enrichment opportunities including local & national events, special training, networking gatherings; and access to registered and verified expert’s products/services and experiences.
  • Help expand earth consciousness, green living education¬†and social-conscious dialogue.
  • Support holistic entrepreneurship and validate the efforts, value and authenticity of experts & brands making a difference in our communities.