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Our Calling

Holistic entrepreneurship is unique, heart-driven and profound in nature; focused on the collective greater good, the betterment of humankind and the protection of our planet. But all too often, the admirable ambitions and self-less goals of holistic practitioners are derailed by career isolation, social introversion and lack of entrepreneurial guidance.

Holistic businesses compelled by the desire of making a difference and positively influence our communities, rather than an entrepreneurial drive, frequently struggle to build a strong, profitable business.  This is due to their lack of exposure or financial funding, missed strategies or specific skills, limited professional resources, poor time management, the absence of expert guidance or simply the underestimating of essential details of running a business.

The Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society is committed to help holistic experts and brands define their purpose, sustain their missions and reach their social and entrepreneurial goals. Our intention is to inspire and encourage you to thrive by embracing leadership and creating a successful business and lifestyle that’s in complete alignment with who you are.



We are a professional membership organization, business council & expert incubator facilitating entrepreneurial development programs, executive coaching and leadership training for holistic  experts and evolutionary business practices – building bridges between mainstream and alternative and facilitating education, resources and networking opportunities for the betterment of humankind and our planet.

Our Professional Community

Our national registry gathers and supports licensed, registered and verified health & wellness, holistic, body-mind-spirit and sustainable businesses, experts and brands.

Our Professional Forums

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Human Potential and Thought Leadership
  3. Eco Living, Sustainability and Green Technologies
  4. Holistic Entrepreneurship
  5. Impact Investment

Portfolio & Offerings

  • Professional Membership
  • Advertising, Referral & Networking Opportunities
  • Expert Incubator and Executive Coaching Programs
  • Business Consulting
  • Access to Funding