About Me

“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”~ Einstein

  • Human Potential Coach
  • Intuitive Soul Guide and Metaphysical Teacher/Reiki Master
  • Wellness & Fitness Advocate
  • Holistic Entrepreneur and Conscious Business Strategist ~ CEO & Founder of Holistic Globe and Numa Gaia Foundation
  • Woken Leader Mastermind Facilitator and Podcast Host/Producer
  • USA Army Veteran

My very own #WokenLeader journey has been a long, profound and steady one. I was lucky enough to find my true calling early in life. And I dared myself to embrace it fully and fearlessly, despite the non-supportive inner and outer feedback I was fighting against back then. I kept going, moving forward because I knew the big picture of accepting my true self was not just about me after all.

I blossomed into Numa Gaia after 15+ years of focused and intense personal growth and professional evolution. I am happily woken and mindful, ever-learning (imperfect human being) student of life, entrepreneurial progress and universal wisdom.

Gratefully and gracefully evolved into a human potential coach specialized in spiritual empowerment, mindful leadership and holistic entrepreneurship, with a firm yet compassionate dedication to help identify true self and achieving life and business purpose alignment.

My passion for helping others is both my kryptonite and super hero power. Embracing my purpose, along with exercising patience, self-love and self-care sustains the path to a successful business practice I just can’t live without. I’m so grateful…

Born with a keen misunderstood intuitive gift and a unique view of life and spirituality, I started my professional journey as a Financial Specialist and HR Generalist for the USA Army, which evolved into a  bachelor’s degree in business and over a decade of accounting, finance and auditing work; later I merged both my business world and spiritual calling by adding a master degree in metaphysics to my resume and manifesting my journey into holistic entrepreneurship and the study and application of self-empowerment.

Today, I am still work in progress undergoing my doctorate in philosophy studies with specialized focus in conscious business ethics and holistic life coaching. This unexpected eclectic twist and rare duality of spirituality meets geeky discipline helps me integrate and enforce the great importance of following intuition, logic and best practices for both the personal and professional aspects of our lives.

My coaching office is a sacred space for private, confidential, stress-free and non-judgmental assessments and path redesign.  As a coach I work as a breakthrough facilitator, healer and messenger who amplifies the voices of emerging souls seeking to connect with their authenticity and true purpose.

My teaching toolbox reflects a combination of my experiences with spiritual counseling, reiki, crystal mastery, EFT, NLP and meditation; these techniques along with my deep respect for universal wisdom and metaphysics enhance my holistic life+business coaching approach helping find answers, outcomes and right questions from within.

Outside my coaching office and healing studio I’m a holistic entrepreneur proud to serve as a strategic liaison and breakthrough facilitator in the holistic industry inter-connecting experiences, consumers, experts, organizations & causes nationwide.

My extensive business portfolio includes my very own projects Holistic Globe Media, Ether Luxury Travel and our education focused non-profit Numa Gaia Foundation, plus hundreds of holistic practitioners, startups, high profile executives and small businesses clients. With over a quarter million subscribers under my umbrella, my kindred community and successful journey makes me resourceful, well-connected and highly accomplished.

I choose to live and work authentically and unapologetic of my success. I stand for intentional manifestation and believe that everything is achievable if you make the effort to add mindset and action to your dreams. I also firmly believe that you too can achieve self-realization, mindful success and a life of purpose!

I am committed to mentor and provide guidance & insights on how to create, sustain and grow the conscious lifestyle of your dream and/or your unique holistic enterprise with authentic energy, best practices and standard business compliance. I can’t wait to meet you!