Upcoming Events: Mark Your Calendar

2016 Events! Come join us.

“HolisticGLOBE Expo’s been around since 2009! This year (2016) we are celebrating our 8th annual Main Events (FL) and our 3rd USA National Tour, booking and visiting 25-35 progressive cities around the country. We are grateful for your support and very much looking forward to new connections, learning  and discovering local resources and experts and exploring ways to co-create further positive impact.” ~ Maria B. / CEO & Founder

Are you a practitioner, expert or entrepreneur interested in participating in any of our signature events as featured vendor, advertiser, speaker, healer or performer? Our events & publication travel across the country and overseas supporting  the positive impact of hundreds of organizations, experts and brands who –like you(rs)–  are continuously contributing to society’s empowerment, health and spiritual well-being.

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